The Wooden Bridge

The world today is a place of massive upheaval. There is a pandemic which is testing humanity and stretching it to its limit. There are powers that are trying to make a point and playing games of one-upmanship, even though the timing is most inopportune. However, this is not without precedent. History is rife with […]

Dusk at Subarnarekha

Rivers have always been a fundamental part of any artist’s imagery. All of us, especially during our childhoods, have made that one painting, a landscape in which the sun rises from between the twin peaks and the stream flows across the page. Subarnarekha is a river which flows across the states of Jharkhand, West Bengal […]

Paper Planes

We are living in weird times. There is no need to elaborate on what is causing strife in our lives. It is well documented, and social media has ensured that we are alive to whatever is happening with clarity, even though we may not want to watch the news. People are trying to deal with […]

Phone Call…

There are friends who like to stay in touch with you. There are those who believe in the adage that if you really are close, then the act of staying in touch doesn’t matter, you will be back to the same level of emotional bonding that you have always shared. Then, there are those that […]

Where the streets have no name…

What is the definition of a good song? Does it make you move? Does it move you? Does it lift your spirits when the chips are down? Or, maybe it establishes a deeper, more intimate connection with you to such a degree that it resonates across the breadth of your life? November 2001. I had […]


Life is unpredictable. There are so many things which seem inconsequential when they happen that you are but amazed at how significant they become later. It can be anything, a moment, an item, an accident, or in this case, food. I was a student of Economics at St. Xavier’s Ranchi, from 2002-2005. As is the […]

Paper Boats

I have a little daughter. One of the most exciting things of my fatherhood has been looking at the variety of toys today’s children have and buying the ones which I think are suitable for her. Fancy role-play sets, dolls which look as if they have been designed by fashion houses in Paris, official remote-controlled […]


There is something mysteriously appealing about a downpour. You want to sit and stare at it, you want to go and stand in it and almost wish it washes everything away. It has been a part of your childhood, it has fuelled your teenage captivation, it has provided you comfort and asked you to have […]