A-31/ 32

Just a small example of a highly intellectually stimulating conversation…
(This is a translation, so please forgive me if it sounds a little crude)
Anindya,” On hearing that my ass burst into four!!!!”
Sam,” Only 4…..Na!na!! 64″
Anindya,” That would mean 64 bums!”
Tanmay,” Nai, how could that mean 64..that would be 32..bums are dicotyledonous you see!!”
Anindya,” I don’t get the logic.”
And finally, divine realisation…
Tanmay,” We are live time wastes..”

Hmmm…now that i have given a little excerpt of what goes on let me tell you what this is all about. The aforementioned names are three of the four members of flat nos. A-31/32…four guys who are very different, and i am sure at first sight would have hated to stay with each other,but somehow have managed to come together and even more surprisingly managed to stay ( rather peacefully) for more than 7 months together.

Venkatsubramaniam Guru Iyer is the other member of the Fab Four ( That makes us sound cool!) and these days the only thing that is left in his wardrobe is a T-shirt which says “God is Placements” . Tanmay loses at Fifa to Single Reddy every Single time, but he still keeps on practicing( the last time they played the score was 14-0). Anindya is busy inviting red ants for dinner, and me…oh hell!! i have still not washed the clothes that i soaked 5 days back..i guess they can wait for a day or two.

I know this is starting to sound very tacky…but somehow it is this madness which keeps us together. We can talk a lot , but we don’t talk when we are together,blame those infernal laptops. But when we are without them( the laptops) we are having a ball…Its a strange relationship that we have , we are great friends, and it shows when we are outside, moving about together. But, at home, we don’t talk at all( laptops again). And on those rare occasions when we do get down to chat, wow!! The topics and the points of view…Uff!! Aristotle and Plato would love to be a part of the kinds of discussions we have.

Philosophy, History, Science, Arts…we have thrashed them threadbare, and i am sure come up with some very interesting theories as well. Cars,girls and chicken have all been named in the same breath and sometimes ranked with the same attributes in mind. It is an eclectic mix of cross cultural thoughts combined with out -of -the -box thinking , and the best part is ..all of it is fruitless. Sometimes i feel as if we are a throwback to the generation when adda was in vogue, but we have managed to twist it and make it wackier..

Call us anything you will, arrogant , anti-socials, weird , or plain mad..but you can’t deny that we are interesting to the boot. Capable of stunning everybody on one day …and behaving like rubbish on the other. The enigma of A-31/32 continues, continues to confound even me …
hope that we are like this forever… i love to see Venky scowl!!!

3 thoughts on “A-31/ 32

  1. well you would have seen the scowl u absolutely adore, had u seen me when i read the first paragraph (twice) and i did not see any mention of me…

    Well, living in A 31 and 32 are experiences any of us would find it impossible to describe and most others, difficult to believe! Still, well done 😀

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