Blogging from my phone!!!

No particular reason to put this post in. Just playing around with my phone. A few firsts for me over here. This is the first time I am writing a post from my phone. This is the first time I have thought of posting from my phone. It is also the first time that I am typing out something significant on a virtual keyboard. Not exactly thinking over here, just a session of virtual scribbling, whilst listening to the only English music station amongst all the available channels on chennai Fm. Must also mention the amazing writing tool that I have with me.., just need to slide my fingers over the letters.. And lo! The words magically appear! Such fun! And not to mention the fact that I am also surfing on this very phone.. No wonder my laptop is feeling insecure! Do all my browsing on this when I am home, and play games on my console. And to think there was a point of time when I ran the risk of morphing with my laptop! How things change! And at what pace!!
Maybe someday I won’t even need this phone.. Maybe like google says everything will be in the ” cloud” and all I will need is a chip to log in with, activated with a thought command of course,and then bring out a virtual reality keyboard to carry out my work. Or maybe as scientists in Sweden have predicted, by 2014 I will be using a variable size screen, when the only option to magnify will not only be pulling the image apart with your fingers, but increasing the size of the screen itself! the possibilities, as they say, are practically endless.
Well time for me to end. Maybe I will find something else in my phone which will prompt me to write again.. Till then I can only marvel at the way things are changing, man pushing boundaries and astounding himself in the process..

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