Encore!! The Start Of A New Trimester….

“MBA is a very tough course!” They said, ” The curriculum is really rigorous! It aides you in your overall personality development.” They said…. They absolutely don’t know what they are talking about.
Hmmm, you do have to study a lot ( supposedly!!) and cover a lot of subjects, without ever getting to know what they are really about. And yes, the two banes of any MBA’s life ….presentation and the division of the curricula into semesters, trimesters,and a whole lot of similar ‘sters'( cheapsters!!!). These two do seem to have a very quaint relationship in their sequence of periodic occurrence.
MBA started with presentations, it was followed by the beginning of the 1st trimester, which was adorned by similar performances, given in multitudes by the faculty and when they were bored of doing their duty they let us take the stage( why??!!!!) . Then a pattern emerged which became all too familiar…the age of the trimester is directly proportional to the intensity of presentations. And yes…it ends with another overture, the big one…The end term presentation!!!! Woah!!! Sounds big, doesn’t it ?
Now, when we are at the verge of ending our regimen we have been faced with another. All through the course, when we would start off at the initiation of each trimester, we would look at the subjects of our liking with enthusiasm, hoping to do big things, with the subject and for ourselves. But everything would be drowned in trying to deal with the pressure of ‘coping with and managing change.’ One subject has followed another and all people like us have done is scrape through. So, is the final trimester supposed to be any different , i guess not. The start is the same , enthusiasm for subjects which offer some hope for the students to prove themselves. However, going by history this is not going to happen.. The subjects and the classes will start to meander and people will lose any semblance of interest. Result: The same boring trimester which will end with same ritual, yup, presentations.
Two years of MBA and we have learnt to use big words, as i shall do right now. We do tend to look for “value addition”, but even the day before we had a debate whether we are better off than what we were 2 years ago. Well maybe, the master plan has worked, maybe they have managed to train us to take on the world without us even realizing it.Hmmm, man has certainly started playing god…and before i have any more pangs of irritation and guilt on my decision to become an MBA , let me welcome another Trimester with open arms and hope that we do get to ” learn” something before we leave.

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