Fernando Alonso:The Lucky One

So, the so called ” Spanish Donkey” is on the verge of winning his second Formula 1 championship ! Well as we all know the world salutes the people who win , but come on ! Fernando Alonso ? We should all confer him a new title – ‘the luckiest champion ever’ !!. The guy always seems to start the season in the best car available and takes a lead in the championship ,which is huge to look at intially. Last year he had a lead of over 40 points over Kimi , and this year he was almost 30 points ahead of Michael , but even then people seem to get close to him . And when they get close to him he starts to drive like … well a “donkey”. What a joke ! And then the guy has the cheek to say things like he was never under presure from his rivals ?! Last year in the second half of the season , when McLaren and Kimi were all over him , he was nowhere to be seen . It was almost like the championship was decided by the reliability of the McLarens . This year Michael Schumacher almost took over the reigns from the “donkey” and then came to the fore the idiot’s luck .Schumacher was leading the race and then he has the first engine failure in god knows how many years. What crap!
The only thing that has come of him becoming the champ is that the sales of Reanult have gone up in Spain , and even that is not as good as it looks .BBC top gear did a survey and 15 of the worst 20 cars were French and 7 of them were Renaults. ha ha !!
I am aMclaren fan , but this bullock cart puller is going to rob me of that joy as well . He is getting into Mclaren the next year ,[ well the injustice continues]. I despise him so much that i wont even be able to pitch for my favourite team any more . Just the thought of seeing him in silver .. yuck!! There was a survey recently to decide who is the most popular racing driver in Formula 1 and surprise surprise !! he was ranked even below Jenson Button. Serves him right! He has so much cheek , when this season started and he had the fastest ,the best handling car in the pack , he would qualify the fastest , after his team informed him that he was on pole , he would just quip,”The Usual.” Imagine ?!! Why , Why him ? Can’t we have anyone else? Poor Kimi , he is the most talented driver in the pack , he just does not have any luck going for him and neither does he have the machine . He showed all of us what he can do when he has the car to support him , [incidentally he was voted the second most popular driver after Michael in the survey.]. Well he is getting into Ferrari next year , as Michael’s repalcement. Finally he has come into a team that can provide him with a car that handle his style of racing – that is all out aggressiveness. Well, I will pray for Kimi and his team so that Formula 1 is rid of this menace getting to be the champion . It is a known fact that , if Kimi is provided with the package he is going to win the championship . Well , go for it Kimi!Kick the Spaniard’s ass . Get us some retribution , we love this sport and if he keeps on winning it is gonna lose its charm. Please help us out.

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