Internet : Manna From Heaven ??

Well this is a rather weird topic to be my first blog on the net , but something has happened in the past couple of days that has almost forced me to make this my first post.Well i am a student at Lal Bahdur Shastri Institute of Managment, and being an outsider { i don’t belong to delhi} i stay at the hostel . Well, the big news is that finally our hostel has been wi-fied and this has created an absolute storm in the lives of students living in this hostel . It is almost as if they had been waiting for something like this to come – to their rescue. Well, its not their fault actually , it is a great help to have something like this at hand when you are a part of something as demanding as an MBA course . However, the question arises on the “constructive” usage of the net. Well that is debatable .
People who, even a couple of days back would have been studying all night , are awake even now – surfing . There is a wave of requests for help/assistance to my room mate , (who incidentally is an engineer), to format laptops to the required ip configuration. My roomy is having a blast as well , has been downloading God knows what , for the past 36 hours . I don’t think that he has switched his laptop off. All my friends are busy doing something or the other on the net – chatting , downloading , “orkuting”, so on and so forth. Fooh!! this internet really is something. It can capture audience like few other can. Well and one more thing , i am enjoying the net as well, sitting on my bed typing away like anything. Well more on this the next time , time i got busy with some surfing.

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