Just Listen !!

Hey , there. I know that the title of the post sounds a little weird , but the truth is that I could not express what I wanted to say with the limited vocabulary that i posses. Well let me get down to business. This article is about music. Not exactly music but a musician , one who has fascinated me with the world he has created in my mind every time his tunes have hit my eardrums . Well ,the person I am talking about is none other than the one and only A.R.Rehman.
This New Year’s eve I had nothing much to do , so i decided to celebrate my new year in front of the T.V. Expecting something new I kept on surfing the channels with hope , but in vain . The stuff dished on T.V was the same hackneyed fare. Same stars, same dance sequences , the hosts all looking the same ( they really don’t want you to have a nice start to the new year these days) until i chanced upon a Channel showing Rehman live in concert. Needless to say the surfing stopped then and there.
It was classic Rehman! The songs, timeless as they are , created a different aura altogether. The show had everything , melodies , beats, tune , even Shivamani!! It brought back a flow of memories and impressions that Rehman and his music have created on my mind through the years.
It all started when my uncle one day gave me the soundtrack of Roja . I was very young then , i guess 7-8 years old , but even then songs like Dil Hai Chhota Sa, Rukmani Rukamani, etc, caught my fancy . After that i made a conscious effort to follow each and every movie that Rehman would compose music for . Most of his songs then ,where composed in some South Indian language and when dubbed in Hindi the lyrics sounded really corny . It was with Rangeela that he came out with his first Hindi album and the results were startling. People in North India came to realize ,the genius of the man . Many other albums followed and a special mention has to made about the epic non-film album with which he came out , ‘Vande Mataram’. The album was something which single handedly relieved people of the mediocrity that the Indian Pop Music scene came to be associated with .
Then the best part ,1997. The year that he came out with the music for Dil Se. The music for Dil Se rocked the world . It was mindblowing in the true sense of the word. It brought him international recognition , fame , and a guaranteed lifelong fan. I remember telling my cousin that I love ” Chaiyya Chaiyya” and i am sure that it was the first time I had ever said so about a song. In my opinion that is Rehman’s best work till date ( there are many who think that Taal is better, but we are entitled to our opinion, aren’t we?) .Rehman is renowned for the way he combines percussions with melody and he has never bettered Dil Se in this aspect.
A.R.Rehman has given us unlimited joy, smiles, made us feel patriotic , pumped adrenalin into us ( may be not all of us , but sure as hell he has done that to me). And if anyone still doubts the magic that only this man can create , ask any Rehman enthusiast for a copy and….JUST LISTEN!!

5 thoughts on “Just Listen !!

  1. It took a Rahmanised New Years Eve to step aside the MBA hassels ha? Softness is never an external phenomena! Who better knows it than you? Well penned! It is magic well felt and well spelt!

    Once more; LONGLIVE REHMAN

  2. Well what better way to start the new year, than with Rehmans music resonating in your ears…you just see, 2007 is going to be one helluva year Samsuddin, All the best and God Bless!

  3. Well its true,when everyone’s music reaches our heart through our ears,Rehman’s music finds his way in ur veins.A maestro in true sense.Well written samya dutta.Its gud to see u seriously do something u r a man of music in true sense

  4. hey…… i never realised someone as you could feel music the same way rather with greater intensity than ME…..your blog certainly makes me change my opinion

    and kudos for your one of other skills i have been unaware of……man u write too good…you someone make it all interesting…the way i like it!

    hope you put in a lot of effort and continuing giving us a lot of such good things

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