“Here I am,

Lost in the light of the moon,

That comes through my window..”

Hmmm, it can start at any given place at any given time. This time it was 12:30 in the night , in a noisy, uncomfortable auto rickshaw, trundling across the roads of Delhi. I seldom listen to the radio but,somehow, today I went out with my mobile phone headset rather than my I-pod. The very primitive suspension had done nothing to quell the perennial sense of irritation that I am clouded with and the Bhangra numbers on the local radio stations were not helping at all. God these radio stations!! Sometimes it feels as if they use a generator to set the beats on the songs they remix!! Abysmal!! So,helpless, I just kept on shifting through the stations and then,suddenly ,the lines wriiten on top of this post found me.

Nostalgia: A longing for the past, often in idealised form. In common, less clinical usage, nostalgia includes a general interest in past eras and their personalities and events, especially the “good old days”.

Year :2006, Place: a very small room in a very hot hostel in Munirka. INXS’s Afterglow was shared by a few inmates and struck a chord almost instantaneously. The song has a very disctinct Indian feel with its English wordings. It starts on a very sedate note but picks up in the later stages, reaching a stage where you can’t help rising up with the song,wondering at the beautiful transition from slow Indian percussions to the rising tide of western orchestra. A few days later, it was on everyone’s lips, and was being sung by almost everyone,while taking baths, while shaving , even while washing clothes!!

Year : 2007, Place: A-31 Laxman Singh Complex, Munirka. Tanmay Mukherjee’s laptop was playing the very same song, and Venkat Guru remarked that this was almost like our anthem,something we might sing when we meet 20 years down the line. A few months later, we were travelling in a white Alto, through the same streets of Delhi, enjoying the winter , the night, and this very song was our companion. This is a great song, but when played in the middle of the night , it gets a completely different feel to it altogether. Its as if this song was created to do just one thing, touch your soul in the dark.

Cut to the present, and the very same autorickshaw ride. ” Touch me and I will follow…”
At that moment,what was till then getting to become a turntable weilding Hades’ version of the underworld,suddenly brightened up. The cushion of recollection of those blissful times gave me the comfort I required. The song was back on my lips and I could almost visualize my friends singing with me. The roads were once again pretty,bright and promised a smooth journey, without letting me worry about the distance ahead. All those familiar faces, the joy of just being there…I know at times nostalgia can be a seductive liar, but right now it was smoothing out the rough edges , through a song which was so close to my heart. It was one magical moment, when music, memory and my friends had come together and lifted the gloom around me. Yes, there was an “afterglow” of those magical moments spent together, which sadly will never ever come back, but I guess in not coming back they have attained this exalted status, one which can be treasured for days to come.

Bathed in blue,

The walls of my memory divides,
The thorns from the roses.
It’s you who is closest”

One thought on “NOSTALGIA..

  1. Sam, you and only you know exactly how I felt wen I read this, seriously it felt as if I was reading my own thoughts."one magical moment, when music, memory and my friends had come together and lifted the gloom around me. Yes, there was an "afterglow" of those magical moments spent together, which sadly will never ever come back"
    so true so true…by the way did I tell you, right now I am listening dekha na haaye re socha na…arree howwwwwwww

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