Number One!

Yesterday, in an ATP 500 event at Rotterdam, Roger Federer defeated Robin Hasse to become the oldest World Number 1, since the ATP rankings were first introduced. This is just another coruscating chapter in the already magnificent saga of an athlete, who even at 36 is winning Grand Slams, looking the best player on the […]


  The last decade in the world of men’s tennis has been unlike any other. Records have tumbled, players have accumulated Grand Slams like nobody’s business (Federer has 20!). The tennis narrative, and rightly so, has been about the Big Four, namely, Roger, Rafa, Novak, and Andy. The only person who has upset the dominance […]

The Kvitova Conundrum

Women’s tennis is a different beast. It is full of beautiful women in glamorous outfits, but it is a beast nevertheless. For people who follow the sport closely, it is very different from the men’s game. It has different rules at the grand slam level, different levels of coaching interference, very different sound (read scream)levels.It […]

Singularly Sublime

Very recently I was watching South Africa play Pakistan on TV and in the course of that I also saw Graeme Smith cross nine thousand runs in test cricket. That is a commendable achievement in every sense of the word, and for people who view cricket as the game which is the biggest aggregator of […]

Not so Elementary

“Crime is common. Logic is rare. Therefore it is upon the logic rather than upon the crime that you should dwell.” -Arthur Conan Doyle We all like mysteries. We are all captured by the idea of unsolvable puzzles and even more enthralled by the wit and ingenuity of human beings who have the ability to […]


“Here I am, Lost in the light of the moon, That comes through my window..” Hmmm, it can start at any given place at any given time. This time it was 12:30 in the night , in a noisy, uncomfortable auto rickshaw, trundling across the roads of Delhi. I seldom listen to the radio but,somehow, […]