Painting The Town Red!!!!

Ok, Now, this is some news …Kimi , World Champion!! Hard to believe ,yes i know , but who the hell cares…Yahoo!!! I have seldom prayed like the way i prayed that day. Last few laps , egging on the Scarlet Ferrari to go ahead and at the same time waiting agonizingly to see whether no other car in front of Lewis Hamilton met with any misfortune. And finally it happend, Raikkonen became the world champion.
I never thought that i would be doing this , but here i am , I am colouring my Blog in the colours of the Ferrari Livery, ” Steady In Scarlet” ( Inspiration from Sherlock Holmes’ Study in Scarlet….Ok, Bad Joke).
The fact of the matter is Raikkonen has been my favourite racer for years now , and finally he has won the championship. He came close twice , but this year he has finally done that , and changing the colours of my blog is just a small way of showing my appreciation.
Thank you Kimi , thank you so much , you have given all your fans so much to smile about.

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