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hi there , i guess there is problem with the last post . there is no option to post your comments . you can use this post’s comment to post comment for the last one .

5 thoughts on “Problem With the last post

  1. Net:the blood in veins of nerds like us
    Net: a never ending story, a smoothly flowing river of various ‘Ragas’ of thoughts
    Net: the fun, the knowldege and much more which can’t be explained fully in words (at least I m incapable of that, may b Sam can do more justice)

    And that’s why when net stops our lives come to a hault. It felt as if something has been snatched from us, may b the very purpose of enjoying our lives and making it more meaningful (not bcoz u can find lot of dictionaries and thesaurus on net!).
    We all hail the net………….
    Long live the net and long live the kings and princes of its unending, unbounding kingdom!

    And thanks to Sam for neccessiating an urge within me to write this comment for his meaningful blog.

  2. cool………………..i liked it a lot………………reading ur postings reminded of our college days……just the same old Samya. keep it going dude…………i have got so much to write abt ur topics…..wud do tht soon.


  3. How easily we forget that only a few years back we were all happy and alive though we didn’t had that regular access to net.But still its true life without net is quite unimaginable for us ,as if life depends on it..
    Nice work Mr. samya, but as usual u left ur trademark
    “I hope people are able to make head or tail of what I am trying to say , and even if they are not …what the heck!!! ”
    Sammstein my buddy, gud work, something which is easily comprehensible and with which everbody(atleast MBA grads) can connect to..

  4. Tanmay read it allrite and read it with a pulsating feel!

    Right to internet access is pretty much a physiological necessity for door-knobs like us(now sam dont read between lines in the comments posted in your own blog)!

    Am proud of you commrades!

  5. was going thru the posting on ‘internet’. well, i must say tht all u wrote is indeed true…….who wud know it better than me……..i met my husband bcoz of this internet…………Orkut brought us together after a gap of 10 yrs and we finally got married within 8 months……….i owe a lot to internet………..its this which keeps us in touch, doesn’t it????

    was kind of wondering what wud happen if internet vanishes…….phew……….its kinda scary 😀

    take care
    keep netting


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