As usual the time period between two posts is very long. So, I start writing again,promising myself that this time this will not be the case anymore.
As you must have already guessed by the title of the post I intend to talk about food, and since you can also see ” Part 1″ written alongside, there will be more stuff on similar lines.Anyone who knows me even remotely knows that I love to eat. I am not one of those who are very adventurous and will try out anything and everything that is served in front of them.I like to keep it safe and eat stuff that at least has something which I have tasted in the past or have some sort of confidence in.That ways I am always in a position to compare what I have eaten to some previous gastronomical experience of the same kind.The Best that I Have Tasted series will have my thoughts on what I think is the tastiest of that particular kind of dish. Although I am a non-vegetarian, I do have some all-time vegetarian favourites, so I think we should have an equitable distribution between the categories and to prove my case I will start with an all time favourite of a lot of people , The Samosa.

Now as most of us know, the Samosa is a deep fried, triangular patty shell which has a savory filling which might consist of potatoes, peas, onions , cottage cheese, chicken or in some cases even ground beef. Needless to say, for people who like eating fried food and who are okay with stuff dripping with oil, the aforementioned concept can only mean taste heaven. And the best part it is made well at quite a few places. So, the way it is cooked and the ingredients put vary from place to place. However, there is one particular place which makes it better than anywhere else.

It is a small shack , located in the heart of Heavy Engineering Corporation township Ranchi. For quite some time now, HEC has been declared a failed proposition, making huge losses consistently, outdated production techniques which have no hope of being revamped and absolutely no development in infrastructure. The general level of dilapidation lends a very subtle undertone of gloom to your mood when you get there. All in all, not a very inviting place to go to. However, right in front of the community hall Sector 2, there is one place which always has some bustle around it, ” Devanti Chat” and it makes the best samosas I have ever tasted and I am pretty confident that once you try that out , you will agree as well.

The first time I ever heard about it was in class Vll , when a few of my friends who used to stay in HEC said that there was this new place which makes better samosa than any other they have eaten before. Curious, I persuaded my Dad to come with me and buy some. It took some pestering , but finally managed to get him there. He bought me two and then….
I couldn’t have agreed with my friends more!! That was actually the tastiest samosa that I had ever eaten..or should I rephrase it and say that it is the best that I HAVE ever eaten. The patty is fried just right, and the filling inside is an amazing blend of mashed potatoes and spices, served with red “chutney”, it is a kaleidoscope of tastes as soon as you put it in your mouth. And it just doesn’t end there, if you want them to make it even better, they will serve it with chhola and onions, thus transforming it into an awesome snack. And I am surely not the only one who has had this feeling after tasting this delectable bit of fried heaven, people form traditional “samosa strongholds” like Allahabad and Banaras have also been astounded by the brilliance of Devanti. I have been a regular there since Class VII, and the best part is that the taste has remained the same. Many a times we see cases where eateries start to do really well and then they decide to expand and ruin everything. Fortunately that has not been the case and it still is the same place in front of the community hall serving unbelievable stuff. At times, the entire lot is finished off in less than an hour. This consistent excellence has also had a positive impact on the competition as they have had to improve their standards just to stay in contention. Ah!! What a sublime example of “Culinary Economics”!!

So , if you ever want to go to Ranchi , and if you are even remotely interested in eating fried stuff, Devanti Chat , Sector 2 HEC is the place to go. One bite of that majestic creation and I am sure you will keep coming back!! All this is making me hungry, where’ my food??


  1. Ambrosia! I suggest you pack a lot of them, next time you go there. Can I request you to run your toungue wild in Chennai and provide expert opinion.

  2. 🙂 You should offer a promotional package to Devanti Chat – I am sure there are few professional food critics who can do such a justice to his 'product'!!!

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