The ” M” Factor ….Once Again..

The year, 1997…the movie, Dil To Paagal Hai, the lady…Madhuri Dixit. Although the jury is still out on the movie and how good it was, but I couldn’t care less…whilst watching that movie all I could see, hear and sense was the coruscating beauty of Madhuri Dixit. The diva had once again shown that she could give to the big screen what many others in the field could just dream of doing.

Cut to 1999, my last year in school and as is mostly the case we were up to filling up “slam books” for our fellow students and each one of them would invariably have that column which said” you love….?” and I could fill in only one name, Madhuri Dixit. While I wrote this line, I clearly remember, saying her name aloud and smiling to myself.

Cut to 2007, my last year in a b-school, and suddenly there is a movie starring Madhuri again..”Aaja Nachle!!” The ratings come out,” its an average” scream the tabloids…my friends ask “Why then would you want to go to the movie ?” “Ratings be damned! I will go for Madhuri”, and thank god I did.
I don’t want this to read like a movie review, the movie is ok, nothing much to write home about, a few good songs, a nice musical if you are interested in that genre. Honestly, all I was interested in was Madam M. All through the movie I would try and find out where she was different, where was she the same, had she become more or less beautiful? Had she slowed down as a dancer, so on and so forth?
Well to start off, she has thinned down a lot compared to her last movie, which was nice…yes, she was looking much older. For the first time, you could notice that the dancers around her were dancing as well, if not better than, what she was doing.But we don’t love Madhuri only for her moves, her expressions were still there and what expressions!! No one could even dream of such expressions while performing such complicated dance moves, the body and face in perfect symmetry, her visage like the sky which she was painting with a rainbow of feelings. There has never been any question about her acting abilities, that was always there, and it is safe to say that it has matured with age, and moreover for an actor of her capabilities, this movie was not a challenge at all. Plus, she has still her million dollar smile going, the one which had a million hearts fluttering every time it lit up her face.
And as the movie continued I realized one thing, I am still in love with the lady, she might grow older, turn 80 … but as long as she continues to smile like that …..sigh!! Someone said that the best deed that you can do is to make someone smile, Madhuri you can do that to millions.Please keep coming back.

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