The Magician

What is magic , is it the ablility to do what most of us cannot even think of doing , or is it the ability to control the uncontrolables ? Whatever it is ,it does have a lasting effect on us and it can and does spell bind as long as it lasts . Someone who has control over magic is known as the magician . Today i would like to talk about a differnt sort of magician . His name is Roger Federer.
Now the question arises why Federer? He is just a tennis player , albeit the world no. 1. Still, why call him a magician. Well, maybe i am a very big fan and cannot see beyond him in the tennis circuit, but people who have seen him play and people who understand tennis( and when i say people who understand tennis , i mean people like John Mc Enroe, Ivan Lendl) will tell you that there is something about him which differentiates him from every other player on the planet.

The headlines in the paper before the final of the Australian Open ( a match in which the red hot Marcus Baghdatis was his opponent) said it all . The headline went , ” The Sorcerer And The Apprentice” . This is just one of the numerous instances in which people seem to agree with the fact that you should consider yourself lucky that you were born in the era in which you can see this person live , breath and obviously, play. ( Ivan Lendl once said that Roger hits shots that have never been seen before). People say , that Lleyton Hewitt is a good hustler , Rafael Nadal will run after each and every ball and make you play that extra shot, but they forget to mention that Federer glides on the court. Its his effortlessness which is just breathless. He has brought back something to tennis which was lost in the era of fast courts and high-tech racquets , art . Each and every shot he plays , the backhand crosscourt or the forhand down the line or the volley , have a touch of that artist in him who is hidden somewhere when he is not on the court . But the court is his canvass , the racquet his brush and his shots are the strokes of a master at work , painting the most eye-soothing picture . The opponent can only afford to be awestruck by the aristry of the creator and the marvel that his creation is .
Federer is an artist , a surgeon who dissects his opponents on the court . He has power , skill , speed , accuracy, touch , grace, in short he is exactly what I mentioned earlier a MAGICIAN!!!! Come lets be spellbound.

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