This Is The Life!!!!

Here i go again. The summers have ended, college has more or less started and most of us have returned. Today, I only talk about us. I returned on the 15th and Ani was already here. When i entered my room, the scene that greeted me was one of complete chaos. The room was in shambles, however the nice thing was that Ani had manged to buy a cooler, and that was more than enough to take away the pains of the dirty room. Then, another issue…internet. The connection expired the same day , so Ani had to dish out money again, and yes we got back to our prime connection.The next important job at hand , downloading the latest flick!!!
The next couple pf days were spent in complete indulgence, sleeping, eating( most of the times without brushing !!) and giving a damn to room and cleanliness. Ummm, the charms of bachelor life.Sigh! Then the others came, Venky came down on the 17th morning and Tanmay followed a couple of hours later. War was about to start.
What followed after that was one of the most ferocious attacks on dirt and grime that you could see. The rooms were a flurry of activities for the next few hours, cleaning and changing the layouts,re-installing the cooler, moving the beddings to the other room. The master plan was to move all the beds to the same room , so that we could all enjoy the joys of the cooler. And after lots of trials and tribulations we succeeded. There it was , the room in all its glory , with four beds lined side by side and the A.C( air cooler) going at full blast. Ahh….And how could i forget the laptops.
Feels really nice, all of us back together. This might just be the last year of our lives as students, but living together, facing the roller-coaster that rears up one day and falls away the other, tells us that we have at least done one thing successfully, establish relationships that last. Tanmay once touched us all by saying ,” I miss my family !” and then said that the family was us.Guess that sums everything magnificently.

One thought on “This Is The Life!!!!

  1. Life has just taken off it seems with all its laziness..beds stretched across the floor with closely held idiots on it and some cool air!

    A post like this hanging around on the same sweet spot: we deserved it sam but dont u dare expect any thanks!

    p.s.: Pink Polka dots are inspiring eh?

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